Our Adirondack furniture is hand-made here in North Carolina

Our products are made with cypress wood harvested from the swamps of North and South Carolina. All hardware including screws, bolts, nuts, washers, chain and chain hooks are rust resistant. Waterseal is applied to all product unless the customer indicates that they are planning to use some other form of covering protection for their furniture; whereby, we would leave the furniture finish natural. 

The Adirondack Chair offers its wide arms to accommodate a drink, a book, or perhaps a towel. You can relax in pure comfort.

Adirondack Chair $160

Closeup View

The Double Adirondack Chair is built for two with the added convenience of accommodating an umbrella for shade should you desire. Umbrella Sold Separately.

Double Adirondack Chair $300 (umbrella sold separately)

Imagine yourself sharing time with someone special in an Adirondack Glider Built for Two. Deceptively sedate and delightfully intimate, the two-seater will reward you with yrears of use whether you share it or enjoy it alone. Or enjoy our Single Adirondack Glider.

Double Adirondack Glider $350

Single Adirondack Glider $230

Creating your own cool gentle breeze is as simple as climbing into your Adirondack Swing and setting it in motion. Carolina Cypress's Swing Stand allows you to add a swing wherever you wish. Extented stands to hang baskets are also available. All stands sold separtely.

Double Swing  $290, Double Stand  $230

Double Swing  $290, Double Stand  $230

Straight Back Chairs offer the contoured stylying and comfort of your Adirondack Chair, but with a raised seat for a more formal look. Available in Single or Double style.

Single Straight Back $160, Double Straight Back $290

The Over Look Chair is your answer to unobstructed views from your deck or porch. Tired of looking at eye level railings. Sit up high and enjoy your view of the beach or mountain valleys. Contoured for relaxing comfort and style.

The Over Look Chair $250

Oval, Octagon or Square Side Tables and Rectangular or Coffee Table. Benches available in 4- to 8-foot lengths. Chaise Lounges also available.

Coffee Table $125, Square/Pedestal/Octagon Tables $70

4' Bench (pictured) $150, 5' Bench $160, Any length available

Chaise Lounge $300

Other Items Available:

Over Look Table $150
Ottoman $70